in rewards!

Make an eligible purchase of $800 or more, get $100.

After you make your qualifying purchase, click “Claim Your Reward” below and follow the instructions to complete your claim.

To qualify, you must be a U.S. resident, make a single purchase of $800 or more between 5/28/2021 and 5/31/2021 at a participating U.S. merchant, and pay with Splitit using a valid U.S. credit card with a sufficient available balance to cover the full amount of your purchase.  To claim your reward, click on “Claim Your Reward,” enter your name and email address used to make your eligible purchase, and a Splitit representative will contact you to collect information about your purchase.  You must provide and verify all information the Splitit representative requests in order to complete your claim.  First 10 qualifying shoppers who learn of this promotion from an Instagram influencer and provide the name of that influencer, as determined by Splitit, will each receive $400, instead of $100.  All other qualifying shoppers will each receive $100.

Rewards will be issued via check and mailed within 90 days of completing your claim.  Please allow two additional weeks for delivery.  You must complete your claim within 30 days of making the eligible purchase.  Purchase date is determined by the date on your sales receipt.  Returning your purchase, or failing to make all required payments to the merchant for your purchase, will result in forfeiture of your reward.  Checks will expire by the date listed on the check, or six months from the date the check is issued, whichever is sooner.  Reward value could be reduced by charges or fees imposed by your financial institution for cashing or depositing the check, and we are not responsible for these fees.  Rewards are offered and issued for promotional purposes only.  We reserve the right to cancel, modify, or change this offer and applicable terms and conditions.  For complete terms and conditions of this offer, CLICK HERE.

How Splitit Works

With Splitit, you use the available balance on your favorite credit card to buy products like normal, but instead of paying for it all at once, you get to spread your payments over several months.

There´s no credit check and takes less than 30 seconds to check out. Best of all, there is no interest and no fees, and you still earn credit points, miles or rewards like normal.

Get Rewarded!

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